Gifts of Imperfection: Susan’s story

Part 1: Becoming Muslim, wife and mother       After 20 years of being Muslim and wearing the hijab, Susan was done. She had had enough of trying to reach a standard of Muslimness that she could never attain. By taking off her external and internal identity as a Muslim, she was taking off years of hardship that she felt began when she embraced the faith.         In 1988, after… Read More »Gifts of Imperfection: Susan’s story

Over 29 and single in 2020: What I wish people knew

In 2020, the world is more “connected” than ever, with half of the world’s population (that’s over 3.5 BILLION people) having online access. If one in every four relationships begins online, why are there still females past the age of 30 struggling to find mates?   We asked multiple women who are living in the United States, Egypt, and Saudia Arabia why they are still single well into their 30’s (don’t… Read More »Over 29 and single in 2020: What I wish people knew