About Us

Ummah Movement Institute inculcates the systematic empowerment of Muslim women. It goes beyond reacting to the problematic indiscrepancies a Muslim woman must go through to achieve a basis of equity, rather it creates and instills preventative programming. Ummah Movement Institute’s acronym, UMI, means ‘my mother’ in Arabic, which is a purposeful distinction to one of many women’s first and sometimes only source of empowerment, the mother. UMI, much like the mother, surrounds the values of accepting diverse thinking and conventions, respectful interactions, sustainable traditions, professionalism and most importantly best practices based on research.

Unlike the modern ‘feministic’ approach which often times corrodes ideas valued by religiously observant women, UMI honors the non-secular moral code of the Muslim woman. There are no standards set beyond the comfort zone of those seeking alliance, nor unwanted tearing down of walls or guilt-induced change only meant to meet the ‘progressive’ status quo of surrounding communities. UMI opens doors to those seeking empowerment without excluding them because of differing codes of behavior. We understand women grow at their own pace and develop diverse opinions based on personal experiences. No able-bodied person has the right to reject or degrade these women and their opinions and/or intelligently thought out practices.