We are committed to creating and sustaining structures to empower Muslim women in their local area through localized social research, power groups, and enlightenment campaigns to effectively address the roots of societal inequities and get the Ummah MOVING!


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Ummah Movement Institute inculcates the systematic empowerment of Muslim women. It goes beyond reacting to the problematic indiscrepancies a Muslim woman must go through to achieve a basis of equity, rather it creates and instills preventative programming. Ummah Movement Institute’s acronym, UMI, means ‘my mother’ in Arabic, which is a purposeful distinction to one of many women’s first and sometimes only source of empowerment, the mother. UMI, much like the mother, surrounds the values of accepting diverse thinking and conventions, respectful interactions, sustainable traditions, professionalism and most importantly best practices based on research.

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Duha Fahmy

Executive Directer

Mayadah Abu-Shaar


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Marwa Shahin

Blog Editor-in-Chief



UMI has allowed me to grow and feel empowered in so many different ways. Witnessing how UMI focuses on women, I was encouraged to start my own coaching business since I had a passion for career development. I am focusing on women since UMI showed me that women are in need of this service. UMI prepared me to start my business by giving me the opportunity To attend and participate in business strategy meeting with the board. Overall, I would recommend UMI and would hope women would see the positive impact it has on women’s lives.

Amney Iskander

CEO, That Hijabi Coach

When I was contemplating leaving my corporate job to start my own business, I reached out to the UMI team for advice. At the time, I needed insight from Muslim women who understood my concerns and fears. The coaching and advice I received through UMI was life-changing and helped me take a leap that has led to a more fulfilling career path, Alhamdulilah.


Sara Tamimi

Owner, Treat You Batter


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Our Blog

Looking for some interesting reading material on relevant Muslimah topics? Peruse through our blog posts and see what we have to offer!


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Striving to lift Muslim Women & Men to achieve their greatest potential, as an Ummah, using local based research to guide branch based programming.